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A program for families with parents and teens experiencing challenges in their lives.

Designed to prevent your teen from going further in the wrong direction.

Take note!

The next Reset your "Life"

program is scheduled for         Sat.March 8, 2014

The first thing you need to know, is you are not alone!  Every parent goes through something like this at least once, and usually multiple times, in the course of bringing up their children.  Unfortunately, your teen did not come with an owner’s manual.  Where we get into trouble as parents, is when the going gets rough, the only thing we know to do is what our parents did, and as most of us know, our parents didn’t really know what to do in situations like this either.

Here is a program to assist you and your teen in opening up the lines of communication and appreciation for one another that have become broken somewhere in the past.  Some people look at RESET as a communications workshop, which it is, but it is also much more than that.  During RESET you and your teen, will find common ground again.  You will also start to appreciate and respect your differences and find each other again.

Take hope!

What is reset

RESET involves both teens and their parents and gives them both pause and the opportunity to look at where their present actions and attitudes are taking them.  During this one or two day program facilitators, using proven evidence based experiential learning models in combination with Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) life imitating events and programs, we offer the opportunity for participants to look at better choices and show them a direction of fulfillment, good citizenship, and positive leadership of themselves and their lives.
Concurrently, parents and teens are put through a parallel course of introspection and guidance such that at the end of the day, parents and teens alike are willing to look at their lives, their goals, their relationships, and map a new course for their family unit that will support and encourage the healthy choices of their teenager.

The RESET Programs

The Reset one day program is based on foundation.. You and your teen will be given information and new communication tools over a series of short presentations which are reinforced by exercises designed to illustrate how and where the communication breaks down in family units. Based on everyday life experiences, you and your teen are able to clearly see how each of you have been party to a breakdown in communication both between each other, and with other people in your lives. These exercises put you into unfamiliar tasks, which require communication tools to succeed, and you will take turns as the leader of these exercises. In any given exercise, you or your teen may be leader for the event, while the others serve as support. Each exercise is followed by a briefing that illustrates and allows you to discover what worked well, and what may have worked better, and then you are placed into the next exercise to begin practicing what was learned. As the day progresses, each discovery builds upon the previous one leveraging the way we learn in order to maximize the amount of information learned in a relatively short time.

Advanced Program – In the optional, but highly recommended 2nd phase you and your teen will return for the second day of RESET, where you are mingled with first time participants, but now you are given new instructions. You will be following a program of your own, but in a setting and using the exercises being performed by the first time participants which will allow you to deepen your understanding of your new communication skills.  This is where you will practice and perfect new methods of communication and methods of nurturing new and existing relationships with others.

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