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The week leading up to reset, sophie was homeless and her friends were losers who had abandoned her. After being with Mark and hearing the other kids stories, she moved back home, and channeled that negative energy into positive 'selling' energy and she is doing it.
Thank you Reset 4 your life.

The one thing about reset that really stood out to me was that i think my daughter really listened! With her "I don't care" attitude this is a big thing to have someone really get through to her. She had had every family member, bestfriend, counselor try to have a heart to heart with her...seems like she just let's things go in one ear and out the other...I never experienced her listening and trusting what she was being told as much as she did during our day at reset. It was a big step in the right direction.

It was around 10:00 p.m. Aug 4th when I recieved a call from Las Vegas Metro to come pick my daughter up. She wouldn't be 18 for a few more weeks.My daughter ,Taylor Slabaugh, found herself kicked out of the house she was staying at for the past few weeks after deciding to run away from home.
  I didn't know of any resources or help so I turned to the 311 non emergency line. They gave me a list of about 9 places to try to call for help. I called every number and left a message. To this very day, the ONLY call back I have recieved is from Jeffrey Bernard, Reset 4 Your Life. He found me after I left a message for the life of crime program. We had a very lengthy conversation about my concerns for my daughter and for the first time ever, I actually felt hopeful that there was some help and that I was not alone and moving in a positive direction. I went into this program for help for my daughter, but soon found that this program was not just for her but myself as well.
    My daughter and myself signed up for the August 26, 2012 program. I had no idea what toexpect but was willing to try anything and everything. You get so much information and tools to use in the seven hours that you are there it is unbelievable. I can honestly say that this program has changed my life!! How I choose to deal with my everday, children, relationships and all aspects of my life.
    Even after attending the first Reset 4 Your Life, I have continued to get support from Jeffrey Bernard and his resources even sometimes on a daily basis. This is truly a different kind of program. You DO NOT just go for seven hours, they give you a road map and then your on your own. You have continued support through out your entire journey to getting healthy!!
Staci Johnston

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